Thursday, June 01, 2006

Day 4

Well, now that I have posted some pics of our precious baby I thought it was time for the "Now that we are home" update.

Day 1 At Home

We arrived home (well at my Mom's. We are staying here for the week) around 6:00 pm from the hospital. We were excited to get him out of there and in our arms for good. After the long labor and 48 hour stay at the hospital it was time! So our first night.....HARD! Jackson was up most of the night, but around 3:00 am daddy took him to the couch and he fell asleep with him. Around 6:00 am it was time for Jackson's feeding so it was my turn. It was a long night. As new parents, I think you tend to just worry about EVERYTHING when it is absolutely NOTHING. I wish I could say that one of us was one of those "calm" kind of people. Unfortunately, we are both pretty much...okay not that. It ended up being good though and we both realized by the end that it was still worth it all. :)

Day 2 At Home

Phew!!!! Day 2 was much better. Jackson finally slept some more in his bassinet through out the day. That was a big issue the night before. He wanted to be held the entire time. So, after a good day we prayed that the evening ahead of us would be much better. It was much better!!!! Still a rough night, but we can tell that things are looking up.

Day 3 At Home

Well, today has been great. Jackson slept in his bassinet this morning from about 9:00 - 10:30 and then another nap around 12:30! Yay!!!! So now we have this evening ahead of us and are ready for it!

All In All

All in all, it's the classic "first couple of weeks". It really is so worth it. My heart just breaks when he is upset and I guess that is just what keeps you going. There really are no words to explain how much we love him. It was instant!!! Jason is a very hands on daddy. He wants to help out with everything and just dotes on him like no one else. We are very lucky and blessed to have this little baby boy!

This is probably the only posting I will ever do like this (I am sure you are all glad), but I thought you might want a look into the life we are living right now!

Stay tuned for more. Ciao!

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