Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Daniel Plan

Jason and I started The Daniel Plan 2 weeks ago. You can read all about it here. It consists of eating lots of produce, fruit and protein.  No processed foods and no artificial sweeteners.  They also have a detox plan that removes you from all gluten and ALL sugar.

What I'm eating: 
Coffee with almond milk and a little honey.
Steel cut oats with blueberries or blackberries
Rice cakes with natural peanut butter
Spinach salad with chick peas, broccoli, olives, hearts of palm, tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice and a little garlic salt. (This is my favorite new way to eat a salad!)
Diced chicken breast with mashed avocado. Kind of like a chicken salad/guacamole mix.
Whole wheat spaghetti with marinara that is made with only REAL food..... (Or I just make my own)
Sweet potatoes
Brussel sprouts (LOVE)
Pretty much any vegetable out there.
I cook with olive oil. No butter, vegetable oil, corn oil, etc.
Lemon water.

[Side note: We really enjoyed the whole wheat spaghetti and so did our kids. In fact they ate all of it.]

I ate a piece of pizza.
I miss coffee creamer.
I miss ice cream.
I ate too much on Sunday. It was a lot of protein and not "carbs", but too much protein is not always good I am realizing. Well, too much FOOD isn't good!  I felt horrible afterwards and came home and slept. I remembered why I hated eating like that.

I know that eventually I can eat ice cream, but for right now I have to say no to it all or I'll just cave.

How I Feel: 
I'm sleeping a lot better at night. I don't toss and turn anymore. The only reason I wake up is if our kids come in our room for some reason.
I don't feel sluggish...(except for Sunday when I ate too much)
I feel lighter.

Weight Loss: 
We are now on week 3 and I have lost 8 lbs. I was getting discouraged earlier this week because I had not lost anymore weight.  Today I had lost 2 more pounds. I know that losing it this way is healthier and better for me.

Still pushing along and changing habits, but I feel like this is the first time I have taken control of what goes in my mouth...and as a homemaker, what goes in my husband and kiddos mouths.


Bre said...

So great! I'm proud of you guys! And so much of that food sounds yummy! I need to try that salad :)

Amy said...

Good for you guys! Stay with it and before long you won't miss the other stuff! I love steel cut oats w/ blueberries..yum!