Monday, November 26, 2012

Big News

For those of you that have been following us you will know what a huge deal this is. If you haven't then be sure to take a look at my previous post.

We have been searching for a house to rent the past couple of weeks.  Our buyers want us out before December 18th, so Jason and I decided to rent for now because of time limitations.  I have been a crazy person on Zillow, and we've had a realtor in New Braunfels helping us too.  I literally had to give up looking at those sites for a few days because I was so obsessed and getting overwhelmed by how HIGH rent is.  Then, two words happened.

My husband.

Jason came home and just said, "Stop worrying. Stop freaking out. Don't worry. We haven't liked any of these homes and I have a feeling that God is going to blow our minds and give us the perfect house."

For awhile I had been hearing that people in New Braunfels find homes by word of mouth most times. People don't like putting their homes on websites and want to work locally. (#532 reason why I love this place)  So, I had decided to put something up on the Moms of NB facebook page asking if anyone knew of any rentals out there.  That night I got a private message from a lady saying that the house 2 doors down from her was going to be rented out by the previous owner. She gave me his name and number and said to give him a call.  I knew nothing about this neighborhood and almost didn't even call the guy, but when I mentioned it to Jason he said to call. "You never know", were his words.

Long story short...turns out Jason went to high school with him!! They were great friends!  They immediately decided to go to lunch together and met up today.  Jason and I had already decided that we could not go above a certain amount seeing that we really needed to cut back our expenses anyway.  At lunch, Jeff (landlord) let Jason know that he had prayed about it and wanted to ask $300 below his original asking price because we were in ministry.

First of all, this house is awesome.
1 story
Bigger than what we have now.
Painted with designer colors.
Dark hardwood floors (love them)
Big bedrooms.
Garden tub (my favorite)
Huge closet spaces
Small, cute yard.
Front porch (love that too)
Limestone exterior.
DR Horton
4 years old
The picture isn't great, but it's super cute in person! 
New carpet in bedrooms
And the best part of's on a cul-de-sac!! This was one of my top prayer requests. haha!

To say the least, we are blown away. God has COMPLETELY shown himself this entire process.

Appraisal should be this week on our home here. After that, we will be moving the week of December 10th.  We look forward to seeing you here to help. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Yay! It's perfect! How wonderful about the lower rent! God is good!

cyndin210 said...

Awesome! I knew God would come through for you guys! Love ya!

Marie said...

Wow! Praise God for His perfect timing and how He orchestrated it all. Aren't you thankful for godly husbands? :)

We live on a culdesac and to say I love it would be an understatement. Congrats Natalie! Very excited for you and your family and what God is doing!

Ci ndyr05 said...

I knew it was coming. Will miss you a binch but we know where God wants you to be

Breanna said...

That is so amazingly cool! I can't wait to see it in person. It's awesome! You know we'll be there to help!