Tuesday, February 07, 2012


It's weird that Breanna posted about rest yesterday because it's all I have been thinking about for the past 2 days.  My one year bible has me in Exodus right now and I have been reading a lot about the sabbath.  It is  command from God.  Rest! Sunday is kind of a work day for us and since we have Monday off we try to make sure we protect that day. However, I haven't been great about just resting on Monday's. I usually wake up, take Jack to school, come back and start going on a cleaning frenzy or  asking...okay, telling Jason what I'd like for us to do that day.

I have forgotten how to rest.  So, yesterday I woke up, took Jackson to school, came back home to spend some time in the Lord's presence and climbed back under my down comforter. I just rested.

And it was REALLY hard for me. Like, really, really hard.  I had to fight the urge the entire day to not have an agenda for the day. I found myself actually getting annoyed with the fact that we were just sitting there.  I know the point in this is to not get legalistic, but to truly just rest in the Lord's presence.

This change stuff is hard. I am being pruned in so many areas. I'm still learning. I fear that I have a long way to go, but at the same time I am seeing God in a bigger way than I ever have before.

In other news,  (and REALLY off the subject, but I don't care because I am a random person) I had to show you this video of Reagan and her best bud, Luke.  We were in the carpool line waiting for Jackson. I especially love how Luke continues to dance while Reagan demands. So hilarious.

Also, I'm pretty sure that Luke and Reagan are following after in their father's footsteps.  Jason and Galen are pretty exciting to watch on the dance floor.  Jenn, I'm sorry, but I know that you love him a lot and won't mind.

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