Thursday, November 03, 2011

It's Thursday again..

It's Thursday again. My long day. While I could go on and on about how crazy Thursday's are, I won't.

Instead I will post about Halloween.

Jason and I decided to do a Halloween Outreach for the first time since we've lived here.  We are so glad we did! We ended up serving around 70 hotdogs to neighbors and friends. We met so many people and had people return saying, "this is the best house ever!" We also were asked what we were doing for Christmas. I'm kind of thinking that would be a really cool idea!

 The kids got to trick or treat, play with neighbor friends and hang out with some buds from church. It was a super fun night! So grateful to our friends from church who helped make it all happen.

Halloween 2011 

Our little tigger stole the show. :)

I just can't get away from how beautiful this girl is!

And of course...Lighting McQueen made an appearance long enough to take pictures with his sister.

I'm happy to say that I spent a total of $12 on those costumes (combined!) and Madi's was given to us! The orange bow was added for my own pleasure.

We had a great time and are so looking forward to the rest of the holiday's. :)

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Sandy Powers said...

Awwwww.... I will never forget our little Tigger's first Halloween! She did steal the show, but Tinkerbell & Lightning McQueen did their fair share of stealing my heart too :)