Thursday, October 27, 2011


Thursday deserves to have 4 exclamation points behind it. BEcause that's just what it is.


I love Thursday's!!!!
Thursday's are long!!!!
Thursday's stress me out!!!!
Thursday's get me excited!!!!
Worship rehearsal is on Thursday!!!!
Thursday, Thursday, Thursday!!!!

I'm tired. I'm not feeling all that great. But in my weakness, He is made strong. 

Go away Thursday's!!!  Just kidding...... 

My husband did tell me about a ba-jillion times today that he loved me. That made up for all the stress. 

Plus,  remembering the fact that Jesus died on a cross for me while I'm complaining about Thursday's is humbling. 

And this is not my child. It's Jenn's. But I thought the sequence was hilarious. ha! 

Goodbye, Thursday.  You'll only be around fore 8 more hours. 

1 comment:

Jennifer C said...

ha ha ha...hilarious!! You can borrow him anytime you want. :)