Wednesday, August 03, 2011

6 Months Already

Time really does fly by. Madison is 6 months old. My sweet baby girl is 6 months old. Before you know it she'll be graduating high school! ;)

Madison Joy

Madison you are 6 months old!

Not sure how much you weigh just yet, but I'm guessing 17 lbs. :)

You wear 6-9 month clothing and some 12 months that seemed to
have shrunk from when your sister wore them.
You wear a size 2 diaper.

You are a great sleeper! You started sleeping through the night again when I realized you were getting cold at night and put you in footy pajamas. Even when it's 105 degrees you like to be warm. You only sometimes get up. ;) You take 2 naps during the day....maybe 3 and you go to bed every night at 8.

You are our most joyful baby we've had. You have a very sweet disposition and love to smile. You love it when your daddy talks to you!

You love your exersauser and your bumbo! One of your favorite things to do (already) is to play with toys.

You are eating rice cereal and baby food now along with formula.
You love carrots and pears especially.

I haven't wanted to admit it, but you are already trying to crawl. You roll around everywhere and we have to buckle you in to everything. Your brother and sister were NOT like that. I bet you are an early walker too.

You still come to work with me and everyone loves you. You get held a lot, but you are pretty content just sitting and watching everyone too. It amazes me how easy going you are and can sleep anywhere. God knew what I needed. :)

I thank God for you EVERY single day. Daddy & I are so blessed and are always talking about how we can not imagine life without you.

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