Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A week in the life: Catching up

My "A week in the life" idea seemed good at the time and then I got busy. Goodness gracious...things never slow down. Did I really just say "goodness gracious"?

Saturday was just like any other Saturday for our family. I made waffles, went grocery shopping and did laundry. We had Sean & Lauri over for swimming and dinner. Ryan, Lauren and Jonathan joined too. Ryan cheats at games. Don't ever play with that boy. The end.

Once I got over my bitterness over the game cheater I realized I had better things to worry about and then it was Sunday. Sunday mornings in our house start at 5:30....AM. Ugh...it's an even bigger UGH when you have 3 kids to get up and ready. However, we manage and it never seems to phase them until about 2:00 that afternoon when they sleep for 2 hours. Worship went great that morning. I love leading worship and I adore seeing people experience the Lord. What a gift. Sean started a new series that morning called "When God Chooses You" and spoke about Abraham. I am truly excited for this series and can't wait for it to unfold. After church on Sunday we got home, did more laundry, packed the kids up and headed to drop them off at Aaron and Bre's for a week. I was sad to see them go, but they just kind of half hugged me and went upstairs to play like it was Disney Land. Bre's house is magical. :) When I got home that night I realized I hadn't even started packing for Jason and I. So what did I do? I stayed up until midnight washing clothes and cleaning my house. My parents always cleaned before they went on vacation. I used to hate that and now...well, now my house is clean.

We got up early on Monday and left for Dallas at 6:30am. I am now sitting in a LOVELY hotel and just finished up with the 1st worship set of the week. We are at our denominations General Conference. There are pastors and leaders here from all over the country and Sean was asked to lead worship. Madi is with us, but it's nice to have a bit of a breather for a week. Tonight we'll be leading worship again and hanging with the staff.

Good times, good times. :)

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Savannah said...

hahaha I cleaned the apartment before really even finishing packing that Saturday morning before we left for Brownsville/South Padre =)