Sunday, June 05, 2011

Why I'd like to live in Anthropologie

Last weekend I decided that I'd like to live in Anthropologie. If I can't live there all the time, then maybe it could by my summer home.

This is why....

This lamp.

And this chair.

But since both of these items together would mean no food for Madi, Reagan & Jack for 3 months, that is not happening.

However, I have my eye on making this pillow soon... :) And these...

And I will...I hope.

I think I also scared the sales lady as I was walking around taking pictures. It was either that or the huge freaky smile on my face while I did it.

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Anonymous said...

dude, i have TOTALLY taken pictures in anthropologie! that store is perfection! it is a creative, right-brained thinker's paradise! i love that place. i always walk in utter amazement around that store, fascinated by not only the merch but the way they decorate. such creativity and fabulousness. i wonder if it's specific to each store or if every manager gets a big box w/ instructions that says, "build a cool sculpture out of paper plates in 5 easy steps and then hang on this wall!" i want to work there, i want to listen to my ipod in there, i want to make my house look like that store. unfortunately, it's never gonna happen ($$). however, i love how that atmosphere tickles every little artistic particle in my soul.
p.s. i've never spent a cent there.