Friday, June 03, 2011

The Past 4 Months.

Madison Joy.

4 months old.

Precious baby girl. Sweet joy. Calm. Beautiful. Peaceful.

That is everything that describes Madi Joy. We have had such an enjoyable 4 months with her. She's a pretty good sleeper. She still isn't consistently sleeping through the night, but it's not hard on me this time around. She loves to smile, laugh, eat bananas, see her brother & sister, her daddy and she loves music. She always falls asleep to it. She loves to be on the floor and have space. She talks a lot...she's a girl after my own heart. I have her up at the church with me ALL the time and she loves everyone. The most easy going baby of ours. Love her.

My life as a mom of 3 has been an adjustment. I love it and I am so glad I had them so close together, but I'd be lying if I said it doesn't have it's challenges! ha. They are also still very little, so I am sure that has a lot to do with it. Thankfully she is such a great baby so it's not too bad. I am faced to slow down more every day lately.

Some things I've learned....

*Be very intentional with spending quality time with each of them.
*I have to be a better planner if I want sanity. For example: Do not take trips to HEB with all 3 of them if your pantry is COMPLETELY empty.
*You will not have a perfect house and when it is clean it stays like that for one day.
*Take breaks.
*Go out alone
*Go out on a regular date with Jason. A must.
*This is a season. :)


Amy said...

She is a cutie! Time flies, so savor every second :-).

Anonymous said...

all your tips at the end are the exact things i am trying to do too. we have our first date night tomorrow after joel was born. it actually feels weird to me. but it is good for us.