Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Back to blogging...maybe

I hope that I can say I'm back to blogging. I love writing down all that's going on. I wish I did it more and I'm going to commit to doing it at least once a week..hopefully more.

Things are going well. Baby is beautiful. Madi is still the best baby to date. I do not kid. She is even sleeping through the night. God is merciful, I tell you!! We moved her to her crib and she loves it!

However, Reagan is not so much the BEST 2 year old ever. I have other words to describe how she makes me feel, but they wouldn't be very nice. I do not kid. I hope it really is a stage. Please Lord. I am reminding myself daily to be calm and collected. For example: Today she cracked all the confetti easter eggs in the garage I had been saving. All of them. All over the garage. Every little piece of confetti flying across the garage...every. little piece. AHHhhh!!! I did not stay very calm and collected. I tried though.

I am getting busy again. Jason is busy again. We are finding a balance though. I am learning to say "NO!" and stick to my decisions. I've decided that I want to redo my kitchen and paint my front door red. Also, I like making my bed every day and have started to do that.

Those are the most new, random things I could think of to tell you.

Oh AND that I like Casey and Paul on American Idol. I know Paul has the whole "Jack Sparrow swagger" thing going on, but I think he's a bit cute.

Which red do you like?
That is all.


Brittney said...

I'm a firm believer that it's best to go with the bright colors! :-) But then again... I have a very bright red kitchen.

Phelps said...

I love the first red. And I love Paul too! :) Very cute!

Francesca said...

Ugh. Can't stand Paul. Don't get the appeal - at. all.

The first red gets my vote, too. :-)

Aaron + Breanna said...

Wow, confetti eggs... Fun :)

I very much like the first red!

Dawn said...

First red!

Paul is from around my neck of the woods. So hearts were breaking all week around here. Not that I watch AI. I just hear things.

Dawn said...
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