Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Madison's Birth Story: Part 2

Our stay at the hospital went great. It's a totally different recovery process with a c-section. Nursing was different, my diet was different in the beginning and I really wanted to take a shower, but had to wait 24 hours. Our nurses were awesome though. I don't know how they do it! When the Dr. asked me when I'd like to go home from the hospital, I didn't hesitate to say that I wanted to stay 2 nights and then go home on Friday. Because I was doing so well with my recovery, he granted my wish and we got home late Friday. Our first night home went wonderfully. Madison slept every 2-3 hours, woke up for me to feed her and went right back to sleep. That has never happened before in the history of newborns. Well, at least in our house. They also still had me on Vicodin and 800 mg of Motrin, so I was feeling pretty spiffy. It felt very strange to be a family of 5 the next day and all Jason and I could think about was how blessed we were and how we would have 2 weddings to pay for. Ha! No, but for real...2 weddings..

The weekend went well. I started crying from the pain on Saturday and thought that I should have never left the hospital. ha ha. But I survived. :) I had help on Sunday from 2 amazing, beautiful friends. Jenn and Lauri split up the day on Sunday and came over to take care of me while Jason went to church. Lauri even vacuumed and folded my laundry! I was happy to see that none of Jason's underwear were in the mix! ;) Reagan ended up staying home with me because she had a fever, but she sure loved hanging out with 2 of her favorite ladies ever. At one point she told me to close my eyes and go sleep so she could hang out with Jenn alone. She really loves me. A LOT. Unfortunately Reagan got worse that night and was diagnosed with the flu on Monday morning. She was at the end of it though and there isn't much you can do for that anyway since it is a virus. I ended up going to stay at my Mom's Monday because we wanted to be sure it was all cleared out. I probably didn't have to go, but it actually gave me a night to kind of rest. I watched The Bachelor, threw up in my mouth a little (because he is such an idiot) and then went to sleep. That's a separate post though and I know...I can't believe I watch that show either..

I also prayed over Madison, our family and was able to gain a fresh perspective. When Reagan was born Jackson came down with a vicious stomach flu 4 days after she was born. It was so hard. I can't believe that we have another sick child with a newborn! Ugh. I am just so glad it's not vomiting!

I am feeling a lot better. A c-section is a different deal for sure. It's major surgery for crying out loud. I have had good days and really bad days. I'm past the bad days though. My staples are out, I'm walking better and I'm staying on top of the pain with meds. I wasn't doing very well at that because I tend to think I'm super woman or something. I still can't believe that it all happened that way, but it did and I have a healthy baby girl. One day I'll share what happened with the surgery, but for now I'll save it and spare the drama. ;)

We have been overwhelmed with meals, gifts, diapers, love, encouragement, prayers and well wishes. I have NEVER been so thankful in my life. I am so humbled by what God has given us. I told Jason that I feel so grownup when I think of us as parents of 3. That makes no sense whatsoever, but it just hit me that we are like...grownups or something. ;)

Madison is truly an amazing baby. We are seriously blown away by her beauty and how peaceful she is. I keep saying it and I'll say it again...

Thank you, Lord!


Jackie Mcg said...

I love you..haha. I enjoyed reading your story! I can't even find a way to read what an epidural is without flipping out. So while I'm curious, thank you. Another day!

You are completely amazing and you ARE superwoman even when you don't do everything! Miss you. :)

Cindy said...

Natalie, loved reading about Madison's birth. Thank you for sharing it and for being a woman who keeps her focus on the Lord. He has brought you through and will continue to do so!
Cindy Hosea