Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Madison's Birth Story: Part 1

Well, things are never not adventurous around this place! I figured I'd let you know how everything is going, but I needed to start with how it all started. Madison's birth. :) So, sit back and enjoy. I am not sure if people really like reading these things, but if I don't write it down, then I'll forget how things went in 5 years. At least I'll have this!

Last Monday I went in for my Dr. appointment to make sure everything was good to go with the baby since I hadn't had her yet. While we were listening to her heartbeat we realized that it was in a different place. My Dr. began feeling around and was pretty sure he felt the head near my rib cage! We did a quick sonogram and it was definitely her head. In the meantime, he told us that he would like to try and turn her. It was a procedure that can be successful, but definitely had some risks involved. He scheduled us to come in at 5:30am on Wednesday morning to see if we could turn her. We left that day with instructions to pray, do some exercises and pray some more. I seriously love that my Dr. believes in prayer. Tuesday night came around, the kids were staying with their grandparents and we decided to go on a "last" date. That night I felt pretty sure that I did not want to go through with the procedure, but I knew that could end up in a c-section and I REALLY did not want to have one. I kept praying and before we went to bed that night we both decided that we would just trust that Jesus knew what was best. In my heart, I am pretty sure God was just teaching me to trust and not to pray for a specific outcome. Around 1am I woke up with contractions. They hurt pretty bad, but were 15 min apart. I got up and walked around, knelt beside my bed and did some breathing exercises and waited. At 4am I woke up Jason and told him I was calling the Dr to ask what I should do since I knew she could still be breech. They weren't stopping and were about 10 min apart at the time. My Dr said to take a shower and head in. When we got to the hospital I was already 4 cm and the baby was coming. We arrived at 5am and in about 20 min I was told that I would have to have a c-section and very quickly. I started FREAKING OUT.

Now...okay, I know that women do this every day, but I have never even had stitches! I was scared out of my mind. I couldn't even ask questions. I didn't know what to ask and they kept asking me a million questions. Finally, I got calmed down enough when I realized that this WAS really happening. The anesthesiologist came in about 5 min later, told me what was going to happen, how I would feel and that I was in good hands. I breathed a little deeper, said okay, cried a few tears and was wheeled into the OR. For real, this all happened by 5:45am. Insanity, I tell you!

So here is where I will stop with my story about the rest of my c-section. I stop only because there were a few scary things that happened after that and I don't want to scare any first time mommas! :) I ended up being put under general anesthesia and didn't get to experience seeing Madison or hearing her cry. Poor Jason had to be out of the room as well when that happened, but did get to see her immediately after. She was born at 6:27am. (an hour and half later...whoa that happened fast!)

Fast forward: I woke up in the recovery room totally out of it. I asked "where is my baby" like 8 million times. Ha! One good thing was that I had NO bad side effects from the spinal or the anesthesia. I felt great afterward. Just a little loopy and I had the shakes pretty bad. I had that with my first 2 babies as well. That part is always so annoying! Jason was able to spend time with her in the nursery and came back with beautiful pics of her. I was so relieved and so happy that it was all over. When I finally got moved into the L&D room they brought Madi to me. The pics you see on my previous post are actually those first moments. Bre was able to be in there when that happened. I cried when I saw Madison. It felt like such a long time and I had been so anxious to see what she looked like and to give her sweet kisses. The whole c-section thing was so crazy for me anyway, so it was truly an emotional moment. By the way, I ended up naming her, but Jason felt at perfect peace with her name as well!

The rest of our hospital stay was awesome and we have nothing, but great things to say about North Central Baptist Hospital and it's staff. Madison is a true JOY. She is such a beautiful baby and has an amazingly calm disposition.

God is so good.

More to come....:)

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Dawn said...

First of all congratulations again for your amazing new baby! Second, I couldn't imagine the general anesthesia situation and not seeing Madi immediately! Wow. That must have been so difficult. Anyway, I can't wait to read the rest of your story! She is beautiful, Natalie!