Friday, January 07, 2011

January 7th, 2011

Friday, January 7th, 2011.

Wake up.
Take a bath.
Never mind. Take a shower because I can't get up out of the bathtub.
Go to work.
Lunch with Jason and kids.
Go shopping at mall to find a robe.
Score. Found one for $7.
Walk around mall....
verrrrrrryyyyy sl0ooowly.
Come home.
Get burst of energy and clean my house.
Lose burst of energy and never do laundry.
Get on the computer.
Don't get up.
Write this blog.
Dream of having a personal chef.
Realize I'm 37 weeks pregnant on Sunday.
Sit on couch some more.
Think about how to make a tropical vacation happen this summer.
Realize that I can't even get up from the couch, will need to eat nothing, but grapefruit to go somewhere like that and that the baby who doesn't even have a name isn't here yet.
Start crying.
Breathes deeply....finds chocolate....The end.

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Callie said...

You forgot the best part...God knows her name, even when you don't. And its written on His hand! When I thought of it that way, it didn't seem to matter that I couldn't (yet) call my baby by name.
Hang in there, you are so close to meeting your sweet girl!