Thursday, January 06, 2011

The insanity of it all.

Last night was the night of all nights. I got home from a long day of working until 2 (whatever) and decided to sit on my bottom and do nothing. (By the way, I just erased the word 'butt' and wrote 'bottom'. I don't know what I thought that would offend you.) The kids turned on the television themselves and I hooked myself up to an IV of orange juice, cheese sticks and my Mac. It truly was a thing to behold. Around 4:00 I thought it might be good if I got up and picked up things to make myself look productive before Jason got home. After all the tweeting I did, I was exhausted and only managed to pick up the wrappers from my cheese stick and refill my cup of OJ. I'm telling you...phew.

While all this was going on, my sweet Jackson broke the cymbal on his new drum set..... that Santa spent so much money on....and was in hysterics telling me that "it was his most favorite drum set he'd ever had" and crying very loudly. I felt REALLY horrible for him...and Santa.

Thankfully, we can get it fixed and there is a warranty. Lucky Santa.

When Jason got home, he decided that he should take Jackson out for a boys night, so that meant Reagan and I were stuck at home watching "The Little Mermaid" for the 105 time. I might also mention that he had to go to AutoZone to buy a part for the side view mirror I ripped off when I backed into it the other night at 10pm going to Dairy Queen. However, that is a whole other story that I don't have time for.

The rest of the night consisted of me eating a bowl of cereal, Reagan eating left over spaghetti and the 2 of us sharing a banana. We also painted our nails and she took a bath where I had to tell her a million times to not stand up and sing, "Shake Your Booty"....while shaking her booty.

And that my friends, is the Wednesday night life of a Powers.

Happy Thursday and stay tuned for more adventures.


Brittney said...

it actually sounds quite heavenly! :-)

Breanna said...

Ha ha ha!

Amy said...

Love it...wish I could've been sitting there with ya!

Dawn said...

best post ever!

Marie said...