Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Come on nameless baby!

Fact: We don't have a name yet for our baby.

Fact: I'm laying in my bed right now writing this.

Fact: I'm tired, very pregnant and cry at least 12 times a day right now. I could hit a new record tomorrow and go to 13...maybe 15.

Fact: This last month of pregnancy feels like the longest one ever. Unfortunately, my blood pressure is still high. I feel so unhealthy when I go to the Dr. and they tell me that. I know it could be a number of reasons, but I still feel like it's my fault or something.

Fact: No matter what someone says to me about "how great I look", it does not make me feel better. I have never wanted to run/exercise so badly until now.

Fact: I am now 36 weeks pregnant. Thank you, Jesus.....

Fact: We do have 2 names picked out...one of which I LOVE...and one of which Jason LOVES. We both don't LOVE each others though. That's not a great place to be in with 4 weeks left, but things could be worse. I decided that if we can't decide on a name we will compromise and pick my name. I know, I think that's a great compromise, don't you?

Fact: I painted. 3 times this week. Probably not good for my blood pressure. I will stop and never do it again.

Fact: I have the best family & friends in the whole world.

Fact: I have the best husband in the whole world.

Fact: My family & friends keep asking me when this baby is coming and then shudder when I say 4 weeks. Is it me or them? Oh...ha, yeah...it's them.

Fact: I am done being random.


Jennifer C said...

Even if you don't believe it...you look beautiful!! Can't wait to meet the nameless baby girl...and you know your name choice has my vote...ha ha. :)

Dawn said...

i have loved being 8 weeks behind you in pregnancy. every time you mention how far along you are, i think, "soon that will be me!" and then when i get there, i think, "natalie was just doing this!"

talk about random! :)

can't wait to find out both names and what the compromise ends up becoming!

Amy said...

Fact: you have two children under the age of 5 already and 1 more on the way...who wouldn't have high blood pressure lol!

Fact: God's presence radiates from you (as always) making you simply gorgeous

Fact: I love your posts...even when you are miserable you seem joyful. Remember, no matter how many people look at you and tell you they loved being pregnant, they didn't this close to birth :-)

Jason said...

My name is awesome, strong, full of character, and awesome. Yours is pretty cool too.

And, by the way, if we haven't compromised, we're going to flip a coin. I downloaded a coin flipping ap just for that occasion. You heard it here first.