Wednesday, September 01, 2010

This heat will kill me...if Starbucks doesn't.

I have not been a good blogger. I have been so busy.

Okay, I may not be all that busy, but I am tired. Exhausted is more like it. And that's not because I my plate is all that full. It's because I'm pregnant. Either way, I'm tired. And rambling.

This week I realized a few things.

*Like the fact that I hated my blog. I didn't like the look and I was bored.
*I'm in love. With my iPhone. Wow.
*I'm Sanguine. I took a personality test and found this out. That means that I am...

  • Light hearted
  • Fun
  • A people person
  • Loves to extend hospitality
  • A peace maker
  • Enjoys children
  • Spontaneous

  • Scatter brained
  • Impulsive
  • Doesn’t finish what they start
  • May avoid facing problems
  • Takes on more than they have time for
That's pretty right on. Although....I don't like the weaknesses. :)

*I have to start getting up earlier. I've set my alarm for 6:30 am everyday this week and I have accomplished the impossible. Quiet time. Breakfast. Shower. It's been great!
*I want TV back.
*I am 18 weeks pregnant and I felt the baby move.
*I am addicted to Twitter.
*I love the idea of cleaning, but I'd rather have a maid.
*I am going to be poor if I don't resist the return of Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks.
*I'm ready for fall and doing the rain dance outside doesn't help it come. Trust me.

I'm going to blog more. I promise. :)


Jennifer C said...

LOVE the new blog look and we MUST go to starbucks for a pumpkin spice latte. :)

Aaron + Breanna said...

Love the look of the new blog! It's very cute! I've been getting up early, too, but I'm actually WORSE at doing my QT, etc now. Not sure how that's possible. :)

Phelps said...

So try the Pumpkin Spice YUMMY!!! Love the new blog!

gina.snow said...

Been missing QT while in San Fran but I swear I've seen Jesus all over the place ;)

Love the new look :)

Callie said...

I need fall too. I'm so excited about October I can hardly stand it! On the other hand, Hadley Grace has some cute "hot weather" clothes she needs to wear before its really not appropriate for summer clothes anymore. Wish she would hurry up!