Thursday, September 02, 2010

Starbucks wins again.

Now, I never said that I would stop going to Starbucks for Iced Pumpkin Spice coffee. I said it might kill me, but I never said I would stop going. If I die with 400 oz of iced coffee in me, so be it.

I had to go this morning after the class I taught. I am teaching a music class at RCBA. The kids were a little disagreeable with how I was teaching them rhythm. I told them I was the teacher and they had to listen to me. It felt good. Especially since I learned I am a sanguine personality and that my personality would be for people to "like" me. I didn't much care about that today. I was exercising my authority for good use. If you learn how to take direction now, you will better understand authority when your future boss tells you to go to the bottom of the warehouse to find legal documents that were infested with mice droppings and mold. It could happen to anyone.

See these 2 boys? This is them walking in sheer disobedience. Look at those faces! I took this picture Monday at Sonic. They were running around the building being hooligans. One day when they are in the bottom of that warehouse I will tell them they should have listened to us.

And then there is this precious girl.
Poor thing had to go to the ER last week for what we thought was a UTI. She was being so good while we waited forever and a day. I just loved how sweet she looked here and had to share.

It's Thursday. Tomorrow's Friday. Thank you, Jesus!


Aaron + Breanna said...

I love that picture of the boys! Pretty much sums it up :)

Marie said...

Love the new blog look and your little girl is just precious! You had me at Pumpkin Spice makes me giddy for fall!

Sandy Powers said...

Tee hee. . . now could those adorable, delightful little faces really be "hooligans" :) Tee hee. Oh yeah .. . ' think they could. They sure seem to be enjoying their hooligan-ness tho, and it sure looks cute on them :)

And you go, Girl, getting that authority thing down :)