Wednesday, September 15, 2010

20 weeks and counting

Sunday marked my 20th week. I am so ready for this be over....

I am such a bad pregnant person.

This is really my first picture. I have not wanted to share pictures of myself because I have honestly felt "not very pretty" these days. However, I promised some friends that I would. You know who you are.

Next Monday at 11:00 am is my sonogram to find out what we are having. I am more curious with this one than I have EVER been! I cant wait!!

God is so good to me though. I feel very blessed and I love chinese food.


Brittany Brandner is the name said...

Youre the Prettiest prego lady ever!!!

And just because you feel that way doesnt make it true... You are ALWAYS beautiful... I mean, youre Natalie Powers for Peet sake!


Jennifer C said...

You are so cute!!! :)

Phelps said...

You look so ADORABLE!! I cant wait to find out...boy or girl?! Going with Boy!!!

Aaron + Breanna said...

Natalie, you are SO CUTE! Love your pregnant belly. And it's definitely a girl. :)