Monday, July 26, 2010

Update on the growing midsection

Oh, thank you Lord for the end of the first trimester, but please help me feel

Yes, I am feeling sick still. This part I hate, but I know it will end soon. I haven't even felt like blogging, although there is a lot going on. I swear I have felt the baby move already. I know that's weird and probably not, but it totally feels like it. I go to the Dr. this week. Big payment #1 due. I think that's why they like to see you every month. Jk. :)

My house looks like it has literally been hit by a tornado. I just now started to clean it today. The disaster is becoming a bit brighter and clearer. I actually found my bedroom floor. I have pretty carpet.

We have turned our cable off and have netflix now. We like it. I like watching movies and tv series. I am starting 30 Rock tomorrow. Excited about that. It has saved us some money and we watch less tv. The kids found out what I coloring books were and had their very first outdoor sweat.

Reagan is in a big girl bed...that's been an adventure, but she's adjusting really well. She has fallen out a few times. I really need to get a rail for her. I just keep stacking up pillows thinking she will bounce off. Ha.

I am ready for our vacation next week. So glad. We have plans to go to Schlitterbahn and I am not sure what after that. Just be together. That's all that matters.

Need to post more. I will. I miss blogging.

Please pray for my sweet friend, Mckenna. She is a young mom of 3 and has had to go through so much these past 6 years. She found out Friday that she has Leukemia. Everyone that knows her is in complete shock and devastated, but we are praying and we KNOW that our God is greater and bigger than cancer. He has the last word. Please pray for a miracle!


Jennifer C said...

Yay...glad you are blogging again!! :)

mck said...

Quick suggestion on the bed rail...put a body pillow or a couple of regular pillows UNDER the bedsheet. She won't kick them off and they'll act as a guard for her. :)

mck said...

That posted before I was done! I was about to add, "thank you for all the encouragement and prayers!!!" before that last comment posted. :)