Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thai Chili & my need for Kristen Stewart to go away.

I have been craving Thai food these days. I went to my one of my favorite little Thai places today with 2 friends from work and ate way too much, but it was well worth it. There is nothing like eating good Pumpkin Curry. If you've never had Thai you should definitely give it a try. So yummy. While we were there we started talking about things only mature, adult women discuss. You know, things like...

Eclipse (new Twilight movie). Why I think Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress. And how we are all Team Jacob. Oh and why in the world Robert Pattinson was put in the role as Edward when that should have clearly been played by someone way better looking. I know that there are people who read this and can't stand the idea of seeing those movies or reading those books, but I simply saw them as a fun summer distraction while I was waiting to give birth to the 8 lb 15 oz baby inside of me. So, for that, I will always be grateful.

Side note - I really wish that there was more time in the day for me to swim and drink Cherry Limeades. I don't understand why my Mac can't float with me and why the neighborhood pool doesn't have WiFi. I could totally plan, email and research while gaining a tan.

I have heartburn from the Thai Food.

But I still think I'll go get a Cherry Limeade.

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Aaron + Breanna said...

I so agree with you on all points. Well, except I don't suppose I have much experience with Thai food. But I agree on Team Jacob, Kristen and Robert, cherry limeades, and the idea of floating, waterproof Macs!