Thursday, June 24, 2010

*Chirp* Exterminator

I woke up this morning to my alarm.

Oh wait, no...that was the cricket all the way in the front of the house outside my front door. My room is in the back.

Seriously. It was loud. I threw my covers off and stumbled my way down the hall and through the living room ready to figure out what the heck was this crickets problem. Jason was in his chair talking to Jesus and journaling. I was bleary eyed and mad that the cricket woke me up 15 min. before I was supposed to ask Jason to bring my breakfast so I didn't puke. I pulled the front door open and the cricket stopped.



And then when I got in this morning, I read Jason's blog.

Uh huh...

Now I know that Jesus loves him more and that I am a big fat loser.


Jason said...

HA!!! The only reason I was able to talk to Jesus was because I got up early and already processed through all the cuss words, anger, and bug-hatred.

Jennifer C said...

HA that was funny!! ;)