Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Week Thursday

This week was a good one.

God is moving in my family...big time.

This week I....

went to see John Mayer.
loved John Mayer.
ate at Fogo de Chao. YUM!
bought 150 yards of fabric.
laughed hysterically.
was scared.
celebrated the little things.
cried for a friend.
was encouraged by others.
enjoyed sonic happy hour (again).
played with my kids.
had only one "night" thing.
made progress.
let go of it all.
went to Bill Millers.
was proud of my husband.
planned more Easter.
went to Austin.
slept in.
made spaghetti.
ate less. (getting easier)
watched American Idol.
read more "crazy love" by Francis Chan.
cried over suffering babies.
wanted to sell everything so that others could have more. (no really..this is something strong on my heart right now)
got free tickets and front row seats to Lincoln Brewster!
learned MORE new music.
hung out with a friend.
loved more.
had a better week than last. :)


mck said...

Sounds like a very full week! Hugs, friend!

Jennifer C said...

Let's cry over those hurting children together...

Aaron + Breanna said...

Glad it was a good week for you!