Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our Weekend Getaway with John Mayer

2 christmas's ago, I got Jason the "Where The Light Is" John Mayer DVD. He had become pretty obsessed with the album, so I figured it would awesome to get him the live DVD.

Since then we have watched it about 22 times and not only do we know it by heart, but Jackson now thinks he will be John Mayer one day...except without all the "bad" stuff. :)

I heard he was coming to Austin in 2010 so when Jason's parents asked me what to get Jason for Christmas I naturally said, "tickets to the Mayer concert." And lo and behold there they were on Christmas day. Of course, they could not let him go alone, so they got 2 tickets.

Oh happy day for Natalie. :)

We've been sitting on the tickets since Christmas and finally March rolled around. This last Monday was the concert and it was fantastic.

Seriously. He is amazing.

No really...

He's really good.

And although he has said some pretty RIDICULOUS things lately, there is no denying his musical genius. So there.

Aaron & Bre watched our kids and we stayed over night in an awesome hotel and were so blessed to do it with 2 good friends who must really love us....

It was all in all...

and most awesome.

We ate at the wonderful Annie's Cafe on Congress where I ate this French toast for breakfast ....

Mostly, I just love that we have FUN together. We were also celebrating our 6th Anniversary. 6 Seems like yesterday we were dating and driving around listening to music just so we could be together. I'm just excited to see what God is doing in us. Makes my heart smile.

(Horrible picture of me, but it's still kinda cute)


Phelps said...

I love the picture! Glad you guys had so much fun!

Amy Davis said...

wow...6 years...I remember you two single not even dating yet. THATS crazy!!! What a beautiful blessing!