Friday, March 26, 2010

Easter at River City

I'm super excited about Easter this year. A lot of it may be because I have had a lot invested in it. From helping with music planning (& learning) , to creative readings, funny moments, videos, paintings, and creating a sunrise (something I'm super excited about)'s all been a lot of work and a reminder of what a great job I have.

So, here is my plug to come and check out our Easter Service.

Things I love about RCCC:

We love Jesus.
We love to hang out.
We are human, imperfect and we still love each other.
We worship.
We're real.
We like food. That's always a plus. :)
We're transparent.
We mess up....
We grow.
We see miracles.
We give grace.
We like to think.

A Church For Real Life...

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Phelps said...

Makes me miss all of you all the more!