Thursday, February 25, 2010

This Week....

Is it really Thursday already?

It has felt somewhat like a long week, but seems like it's going by very fast.

This week....

i realized Easter is in 6 Sunday's. holy cow.
got a cold.
thanked god for overall good health.
was easter-ly creative.
celebrated what's right with the world.
didn't sleep great.
straightened my hair.
was shocked.
went to lunch with a good friend.
watched american idol.
found an old pair of earrings.
shopped at gymboree.
ate less.
ate too much with small group.
laughed a lot.
dreamed of a day...
was extremely convicted (reading Crazy Love)
made progress.
caught up on laundry.
cried for hurting children.
prayed for them.
prayed a lot for them.
realized some things never change.
realized some things NEED to change.
loved my babies.
shared faith.
loved my keurig every morning....and sometimes night.
read the gospels.
went to the park.

this week had a lot of ups and downs. but....overall, i am just overwhelmed with thankfulness. god has given me so much. so, so very much. every day is a chance to live it for him.

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