Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm not cool and now I'm "vintage"

My little sisters spent the night with us last night because my mom had to go to Houston for my Grandpa's back surgery. Please keep him in your prayers. He suffers from Parkinsons already and a back surgery like this is EXTREMELY difficult.


This morning I took them to school and Megan was wearing these sunglasses...
Remember them??

By the way, they are 16.

Then the following conversation happened.

Megan: "Aren't these sunglasses cool?? They are vintage. Like real vintage."

Me: "Vintage? Those are the same glasses I wore in 1995. What do you mean "vintage??" And they were probably mine!"

Caitlin: "Yeah, Megan. Are you like calling Natalie "vintage"? (snicker, snicker)

Megan: "Well, yeah. She's vintage, but she dresses modern. You know, she's cool. She's like modern vintage."


1st. When did your late 20's become vintage? What does that mean when I turn 30?

2nd. They used the word "like" about 7 times.

3rd. I hated those sunglasses anyway.

4th. In less than 2 days I have realized that I am not cool and now I am vintage.

5th. Okay, I did wear them all the time. I even had the ones that rolled and had them in every neon color.

They also didn't know Mariah Carey's greatest hits album. Such a sad day.

Happy Friday!


Aaron + Breanna said...

Ha ha ha ha!

Phelps said...

Im laughing so hard right now!

Jonathan said...

I'd rather be vintage than cool anyday! More lasting value there, right? :)

Jennifer C said...

Oh my goodness...if you are vintage then what does that make me?? An antique???! :)