Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sweet Siblings

These two love each other more than I could have ever imagined. I know it probably won't always stay like this, but I'm so grateful that they have each other.

A few things....

Jack is always excited to see her.
Reagan goes to his room before seeing anyone else when she wakes up.
They play cars together in his room.
He lets her drink his chocolate milk.
She gives him her blanket & vice versa. (Which is a pretty big deal)
Jack made her a "Mii" on the Wii.
He calls her Reag-y.
She calls him Jack-Jack.
When we are jamming to music in the car, he yells, "Go Reagy, Go Reagy!"
She wants to be a drummer like him.
He wants to sleep in her room at night.
He always asks to that I pray for Reagan at night.

They are so sweet and although they have completely different personalities, I know they will grow up loving each other.

By the way, Reagan is now almost 18 months old. She's walking, running, talking and getting into everything. She's very brave, a risk taker and LOVES her daddy. Loves being at home like him too! She is starting to realize that she can do funny things and that it makes us laugh. She walked out the front door yesterday and I (THANK YOU JESUS) found her almost in the street. I told her to come in and she shook her head at me. She does not like waffles. Loves pancakes. And loves to say "Mommy" about 438 times a day. We also have slowly started moving her to a big girl bed. She did great the 1st night, but I still think she's too little....(or that could just be mommy not wanting to let her grow up)

Jackson is almost 4!! Holy Batman! He loves everything music. Just warms my heart. :) Loves the movie Cars and collecting every car from it. Loves to play make believe. Loves the Wii. Loves learning how to write and wants to already read, but since he can't he just makes stories up. Loves to pray. Adores his cousins. Would rather be out and about then stay at home...just like his mommy.


Kara said...

Holy Mother of Batman - 18 months???? Where does the time go...

Sandy Powers said...

Ohhhhh what a great post. We're sitting at the airport waiting for our plane to get here, and I am missing them already. Someday, when they are very big, a post like this will mean alot to them. And to us.

I loooooooove that picture of him pulling her hat down. It's true. I'm amazed at how much these siblings love each other!

Thanks, Nat! I needed my Jack&Reagy fix :) Love you!!!!