Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Foil Lined Windows and 36 Cupcakes

Today was cold, rainy (with a little sleet), but yet productive. It was a good day. I do love me some good days. :)

I had a creative planning meeting at Bracken Store Cafe. They have the best burgers around. We wanted to go somewhere that was secluded and was different than Chili's. My pastor said it would help with the creative process...

There's nothing like a thermometer covered wall and foil lined windows really helped get those creative juices burning. All the thermometers read 50 degrees and the bathrooms were right behind me. I am sounding more sarcastic than I mean to....kinda. It actually was fun and they REALLY do have great burgers!

Had a pretty productive rest of the day. Even with working on worship stuff at home with Reagan I got a lot done.

Jason & I didn't really want to eat a big dinner after our big we ordered pizza. So light and healthy....ha.

Then I made cupcakes. Oh it just gets better!!! I'm actually laughing out loud reading this. It does sound pretty ridiculous....and wonderful.

Jackson and Reagan are having their Valentine's Day parties tomorrow at MDO. I was asked to bring cookies, but I thought it would be more fun to make cupcakes. I found cherry chip cake mix at HEB. Cherry Chip is probably my favorite cake mix ever. My great-grandma used to make it and I have never ever seen in until now. I had a moment in HEB.... I bought 4 boxes of it.

However, I forgot to buy sprinkles and my "valentines" cupcakes looked rather...white. Jackson bought CARS valentines for his class. There were a ton of suckers left over, so I cut them and put stuck them in the cupcakes. I also ended up making 36 of them! I figured we could each have 9 for the next 4 days.

Don't worry, I only kept 4 for us. :)

While I was making cupcakes we watched "Couples Retreat". There were some funny parts to it. I wouldn't call it "my favorite movie ever", but it was okay. I was glad that the ending was good and didn't result in marriages ending...

We had a low-key Wednesday night, but overall it was a great one. We've been way more intentional with our time as a family lately. Turn the phones & computers off....

I'm enjoying it. And so are my thighs.


Phelps said...

Oh I love cherry chip! I havent seen it in a store for a long time either. The cupcakes came out cute!

Sandy Powers said...

Man. . .those cupcake photos look like magazine ads :) The part about the thermometer walled, aluminum foil covered windows made me giggle. Thanks. A good giggle on a freezing cold day where I got wet throwing bread out to my poor hungry ducks is a very good thing :)