Friday, January 15, 2010

Sonic, super bowl...randomness

Thursday's are horribly long days for me. I am at the church from 8:00 am, leave at 2:00 pm, come back at 5:00 and then here until 9:00 for worship rehearsal. Like I said, LONG DAY. After I picked up Jack and Reagan from MDO, I decided we would head to Sonic for their happy hour drinks and treat us. So glad I did.
Reagan really enjoyed hers. Can you tell? Look at those chubby cheeks!
Jackson and his "blue ocean water". He drank it in 2 seconds.
We ended up going home after that to put Reagan down for a nap. Jack and I ended up watching the John Mayer Live DVD and eating popcorn. It truly was the perfect afternoon for JackJack and I. I know that sounds weird, but he like REALLY loves John Mayer and since he is an amazing musician I don't mind letting him watch his sweet skills. I love that my little boy loves music. I ended up bringing him with me to jam out at our rehearsal last night while Jason went to a meeting to plan our Super Bowl Outreach. Remember these commercials? Makes me laugh even now! I'm super excited about our Super Bowl party. We've had people who come to this event who have never been to River City and then end up staying. It always reminds me of why we do things like this! I know my story of coming to River City is because someone (my Mom) invited me...and look where things are now? I met my husband and found my calling...and an amazing church family.

Thanks for reading my random post! Have a great Friday!

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