Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Prayer for Baby Calla

Prayer is important. I am always praying. I am always talking to God. The most important thing about prayer is that it connects us to God, gives us hope, miracles and his peace.
A few weeks ago I asked you guys to pray for The Mac's and their new baby, Levi. (Who is doing wonderful if you haven't read the blog) I just love reading their blog. I can't imagine having to endure the pain of losing a child and it has been so incredibly inspiring to read how God has brought them through this. She has such a heart for God and for others. She posted on her blog asking people to pray for sweet Calla. So, once again I am calling on all of us to pray. You can click on the button below to read more about her story. This baby has a long road ahead of her and she needs our prayers....and so does her Momma & Daddy.

I have such a soft spot for children who are any kind of way. I am so glad that Jesus loves them even more than I do. So, as you're reading this please pray. Lift little Calla up. Lift her parents up. Pray for healing and provision. Thanks for your prayers!

Happy Wednesday!

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