Wednesday, January 27, 2010

More Green Chairs!

This man never takes a serious picture.....and my face looks funny.

We had so many responses from the Green Chair post. Glad we could amuse you. Writing that post was a story in and of itself. After a long day of eating El Salvadorian food (ie: full of fats, calories, lard, etc.) and shopping for GC (green chair) we came home and decided a little activity would be good for us. Of course, in our home the Wii Sports Game is our idea of exercise. Hey, my arm woke up sore the next day. I used a muscle that hadn't been used before. That muscle will be the most toned part of my body in a month!

So....we played tennis. I lost. He made fun of me. The Gentle King (or Friendly Lion) does not stay that way when it comes to games.....or chairs. Competition has a way of breeding a not so friendly lion. I stay perfectly calm and collected when I play games. I think he has some issues...and I don't. While the ferocious lion played his friendly game of tennis, I started writing about GC and of course he couldn't let his "side of the story" not be told. Turns out, we made magic together in the blog world. We were actually funny!

Mr. Lion woke up this morning suggesting a few other things he left out in that story. You may see more of him soon. But I won't be there without him. :)

Oh and as I am typing this, I am sitting in GC. It's quite comfy. A little hard, but fits me well. I plan to document this chair more in this blog. Maybe I'll even play a game of tennis while sitting on it. has many uses.


Amanda said...

When I was at Madhatter's yesterday I saw the green chair's cousin - The ORANGE Chair! :)

Sandy Powers said...

Possibly a lion and lioness book in the future??? Yes, please??? :)