Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas - Part 1

There is a lot to post about for Christmas 2009. It is definitely a memorable one. Some ups and some downs, but overall one that truly has left me thanking God for all the he has done.

Here is our Christmas (in pictures) with Jason's parents. I love them so much. Way more than I could have ever expected to love them. I am so lucky to have such fantastic, supportive and Godly in-laws.

(P.S. These are all pics that my MIL took. I didn't get any while we were over there.)
This picture just simply makes me laugh. Abby and her Winnie The Pooh.

Jason's parents surprised him with tickets to see John Mayer in Austin! I knew about this the wholetime and was SOOO excited to see him open this. Of course, I am also thrilled that I get to go with him. He he.

Miss Girly Girl Reagan in her new ballerina skirt.
This gift made me cry. A lot. Breanna recently took our family a bed and in the freezing cold weather. I had the bright idea to do a family portrait in our pj's, but I wanted to do them outside. Breanna and I decided that a bed out in "nature" would be awesome. I wasn't expecting this at all and had not even been able to purchase pictures yet. Wow.

My family means so much to me and this picture will forever be one of the best gifts ever!

Reagan and Abby. Sweet cousins.
Jackson and Carson both received musical instruments. Jackson the drums and Carson the guitar. They decided to trade (for only a short time, I'm sure) and put on a rock concert. I LOVE this picture!!!

Daddy and Rae. Stuffed from the great food and tired from the long (but great) day!


Phelps said...

I love the picts! There all are so awesome! I missed you so much this Christmas! Wish we were together! Love ya

Aaron + Breanna said...

We LOVED sharing Christmas with you! It was a wonderful day and we are so thankful for each of you!

Amy Davis said...

What beautiful pictures! You have a beautiful family :)