Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Houston Thanksigiving.

I have pictures to post, but I am waiting to get them sent to me from my Aunt's camera. We did have a great time though.

A few things that happened......

1. Italian families are NUTS. Anytime you get us together there is a lot of food, drama, fighting and/or laughter. I found Jason and my sister's boyfriend texting each other comments that were said all day. My favorite one: "Did you know that the money made on fake Coach purses sold on the street are sent directly to Al-Qaeda?" Seriously!!!!

2. Baby Rae and Jackson were both sick. :( Jackson's was just a cold, but then Reagan came down with RSV. Yeah, that's right. Saturday we had to go and see a Dr. in Houston because she got pretty bad. Thankfully, she didn't have to get admitted or anything. She is doing much better now.

3. Jackson started singing "Boom Chicka Woaw Woaw" with his guitar and throwing himself on the floor with the guitar over his head. I have no idea where he heard or saw this. He honestly only watches Blues Clues and Diego. Even better though....My Grandma started singing along.

4. Seeing my Dad's face when I bought him a life size poster of Obama. Isn't that awesome??

Okay, I'm kidding. I didn't do that. It would be funny though. Kind of.....


Jason said...

It's quite a racket those Al Quaeda folks have... financing their whole operation with Faux-ch purses.

Any time I get to spend with you is a good time! Lotta love.

Kara!!! said...

Dude, I'm glad I didn't buy a fake Coach purse when I was in NYC!! :) And Jackson is the best. I need to see this on video, for reals yo.

Anonymous said...

we should seriously buy dad a lifesize poster of Obama for dad......
Just a small joke....for the humor

did you leave with any Pyrex???
I'm jealous....=)
Love Savannah