Wednesday, November 26, 2008

We're off.

Got the oil changed. Diapers and bottles are packed. Favorite juices and snacks are ready to go. We will leave for Houston in 5 hours. I'm sure the traffic will be just peachy.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Oh and to a few of you....
  • Kelly - I hope you get pictures of Black Friday. I want to see the fights.
  • Amanda - I can't wait to see all your blog postings. Don't forget! :)
  • Kara -There better be a post about something amazing you made so I can pretend I ate it.
  • Michelle - I'll see you in Houston!!

Love to All. Hollaaa.....


Kara!!! said...

Sorry, I didn't make anything this year. But I did go to Old Navy at 4:30 am, with a crazy person. I think you know who I am talking about :)

Amanda said...

Sorry, I gave up on NaBloPoMo over the weekend. I was just pooped. Glad you made it back from Houston this weekend okay and that Rae is feeling better!