Friday, September 05, 2008

A Day Off

I have today off. I am so glad. It really came at such a great time. Yesterday during worship rehearsal I was having BH contractions about every 7 min. Let me tell you....singing and getting those is not easy. Ha ha. Thankfully they are not the real thing. It'll be interesting to see how Sunday morning goes. If you see me backing away from the mic every once in awhile you now know why. :)

Jackson and I are planning on cleaning the whole house today and possible even venturing over to the mall. I'm sure Jackson will just love doing both of those things. I've already got him mopping the floors. I better go.


Michelle said...

I can't believe you have your child mopping the already have Addyson bringing me everything I need....its all about training them young. Ha HA

Yay for a day off, I expect to get a phone call soon saying you are in labor....:)

lani said...

Jackson is welcome here anytime to help clean! :)
do you need any girl clothes or are you all set now? i have a basket full of stuff Caitlin has outgrown, so if you'd like them just say the word!

Jason Powers said...

Can you get him to iron my shirts? I like heavy starch & military creases. Thanks baby. You're the best!