Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shots, Suckers and Stickers

Jackson had his 2 year old appointment today. Poor kid. He had to get a shot and it just about killed me more than it did him. I realized that in about 3 months I will do that with a newborn again. Ahhh...

Anyway, the verdict is that Jackson is a very smart boy, who listens well, and can build towers and towers of blocks. He weighs 26 lbs, which makes him pretty skinny, but he makes up for it in height measuring at 35". I was a little annoyed today by some disciplining advice my doctor gave me, but I am trying to look past that because she is a great doctor. I don't think me telling my son "No", is going to send him into having horrible behavior habits. Jackson is a pretty well behaved little boy and it was interesting that she said that after she had just told me how well he listened to me. (Yes doctor, and I won't tell you why he listens so well!!) I'll get off that subject now. I am not about to be one of those people who tell you how to raise your kids. Blogging is just such a great place to vent!

Jackson left with 2 suckers and a sticker. All is well with the world now.

Tomorrow morning at 9:30 am, I will be in the sonogram room!!! Yay!!!!


Kara!!! said...

Can't wait to hear the news!

Miss Eddie said...

I'm ready to find out!!! :)