Thursday, April 10, 2008

What 3 skills would you learn?

Amanda tagged me on this so, here I am answering the call! It's interesting that this came up because I have thought of this a lot lately. I realized recently that I need some new hobbies. I love to sing, but if I were to go around singing everywhere I went people would get sick of me. So here I go.........

1. Mountain Climber - This is completely random, but I think it would be coolest thing ever. I love being outside and I love walking, but mountain climbing seems so adventorous...and scary. Lol. Plus, I would be in great shape and get to wear cool mountain climbing clothes. (I am such a dork)

2. Photographer - I would love, love, love to have an eye for photography like my sister-in-law Breanna. Her photos are inspiring, beautiful and creative. For me, it would just be an amazing outlet. I could spend hours just doing something like that.

3. Wedding Planner- Have you seen the movie? You know, J-Lo and Matthew Mcoughna"hotty". Ha. Okay, I want to be her. I would LOVE to plan weddings!! I think it would be the coolest thing ever! I know that may not be a skill and more like a job, but sounds so fun. I love planning events, I love details, special planning would be great.

So, these are my wishes. I should do at least 2 of these things. I want to tag Michelle, McKenna and Bre. :) You have to post this in your next blog. Have Fun!


Amanda said...

Thanks for continuing the meme. :) How fun? Who knew that you wanted to be a mountain climber? When you feel better we could start small and go climb Enchanted Rock. :)

Stephanie said...

tag me tag me. i was always picked last for basketball, and red rover.