Thursday, April 24, 2008

Is God cool or what?

Sunday night I started having this horrible toothache. I have never had one. I have never even had a cavity. It hasn't gone away. No dental insurance. Dude!

Sunday night my last pair of contacts ripped. We don't have vision insurance. Dude!

Tooth is still hurting. Vision is still blurry.

Called my Mom's dentist today. Told her my sob story. She said, "Well, I'll just give you a huge discount. I'll see you for $10."

Yes, that's right. $10!!!!!
Thank you Lord for providing once again.


Amanda said...

Dude, that is AWESOME! And and encouragement to me and Daniel. We just prayed about God's provision, because we are having some opportunities to watch God provide for us right now.

Miss Eddie said...

That is awesome!!! Yay God! :) Oh - and - if your prescription for your contacts is less than a year old, you can get a copy of it from your eye doctor andsend it to 1-800-contacts. They are SUPER cheap. And sometimes if you order on their website they'll give you like a whole box free or something!

Sam said...

Hey Natalie. I am a friend of Kelly Newcom's from way back. I also happen to be an optometrist. If you would send me an email of your contact lens Rx and your address I'll send you a couple pair of your lenses... to get you by until you can save up money for an exam and CL supply. It'll give me good karma:)

My email is