Friday, April 25, 2008

The Dentist From God

So, I went to the dentist yesterday. Let me tell you, I hate going there. Seriously, I was more nervous about going to the dentist than I was going into labor with Jackson. Pretty ridiculous, I know.

They are going to have to pull my top left wisdom tooth. I was there for 3 hours waiting on a call from my OB to give permission to do what was necessary. We took X-Rays only to find out that my the root of my tooth is curved and that she didn't feel comfortable pulling it. They then referred me to an Oral Surgeon. Without insurance I was now looking at paying $400 for one tooth to be pulled. Ouch.

I was on my way out with my antibiotic and pain killer in hand when the receptionist started asking me all these questions about what I do for a living. We were having a great time chatting, when she suddenly said, "You know, our other dentist isn't in right now, but she's back next week. She pulls teeth that are like this all the time. I know she could do it and I would only charge you $95. Do you want me to ask her?"

Uhhh, duh. So, I am getting all of this done, from exam, to X-Ray, to tooth removed....for $115.
Jason and I have been praying so much about this because things have been so financially tight. He does provide!

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Lynn McCord said...

Yes he does.....