Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Yesterday I turned 25. I'm half way to 50. Oh joy. :)

My Birthday Highlights

1. Gruene River Grill with my husband Sunday night. Fantastic!
2. A visit from one of my very best friends, Terra Phelps, bringing over Chocolate Cheesecake.
3. Salt Grass with my Mom and sisters.
4. Earrings from James Avery.
5. Key Lime Pie!!!

It was a great birthday. My father-in-law even called me and sang Happy Birthday to me over the phone! Jason was jealous. :) I am so blessed. Next year at this time, I will have an almost 3 year old and a 7 month old!!!


Stephanie said...

"Happy Birthday to You," Natalie! Glad to hear you had such a lovely time celebrating "25!"

kara said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! Glad you had a good one - and I love key lime pie too :)

Michelle said...

Yay!! I am so glad you had such a great b'day!! Love ya girl!!

Lynn McCord said...

Happy Belated young one.....