Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Drum Roll Please

Here are some very long overdue pictures. ;) Friday night we are having 20 people over for a meeting. IN my new house. In my not yet unpacked, nor put together, new house.
Oh yay.
Living Area

Our Kitchen - I will one day rid of the chandelier

I have gotten more done. Okay?
Our awesome deck.

Binky Boy
Jackson at 21 months old

Heartburn and Acid Reflux suck in pregnancy. I am starting to feel much better. I had a horrible week last week, but things are looking up. I am starting to get really excited about the idea that we are having another baby. Pretty crazy to think that I will do this again. I am blessed. I'll be going to the doctor again next week.Will keep you updated.


Michelle said...

OH my gosh I LOVE it!! Yay for new houses, new babies and a great new year!!
Now if I could only see the belly and hair!
Love you girl

Miss Eddie said...

Natalie it looks awesome!!! I love that it's so open!! I can't believe how big Jackson is getting! What a cutie!!!

Four Powells said...

OH!!! I LOVE YOUR NEW HOUSE!!! Ok, I am about to sound really strange, but I absolutely LOVE unpacking! I told Jason to let me come help if you need me (or just want to satisfy my weird passion for unpacking houses!) I love unpacking and when you're ready to paint, I'm here for that too!!

kara said...

Hooray! Awesome deck...great for parties...hint hint

Lynn McCord said...

Love the new House.... Cheers!