Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas...the day after!'s already Wednesday. This had to of been the busiest week of my life this year. Saturday - Tuesday was spent with family, church, friends and mounds of presents. Although it was hectic and crazy, it was a blast. This was the 1st year that Jackson actually enjoyed opening presents. Last year he just sat there and ate paper. This year, he opened up a present and said "Oh dude". Classic. :)

Jason got a grill/smoker and I got my beloved peacoat from J. Crew. Ahhh..... Did I mention that Jackson received a drum? Oh wait, not only a drum, but a cymbal and cowbell too. My in-laws love us a lot. :) In all serious though, it's his favorite gift and he didn't look twice at the most amazing Radio Flyer bike Jason and I got him. (No bitterness here)

More importantly, I am so blessed to have this Christmas with those I love. A week off is nice too. By the way, I do have pictures, but can't post them yet. I'll do so soon.


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Stephanie said...

Yeah, "Fear the Walken"...*grins* I love that skit! "I have a fever...and the only cure is more cowbell!"

Glad to hear you had such a wonderful Christmas, Natalie! And, a pea-coat from J.Crew? Nice!...*smiles*