Wednesday, November 01, 2006

An Event To Remember

Last night was the event of the year! :) Costumes, food, more costumes...and well, more food. We threw a big bash at Darna McGinnis's house for Halloween. It seemed like half our church was there. I decided to take everyone back 20 years ago and go all out 80's. I have to say it was pretty sweet. Jackson came as a baby elephant and Jason was himself. He doesn't do the whole dress up thing. All in all, it was a great night. Friends and Family make any get together better.

We are a month away from Thanksgiving. No costumes, but plenty of more food. So, techinically we will have the next 2 months to get bigger than we already are. Great!

I'm really trying to discipline myself lately. God's showing me about this in my life. Where is my faith when he is trying to discipline me? Jason and I had an amazing thing happen to us this weekend. We saw God provide in a way that we could have never imagined. It was absolutely a miracle. I always see these amazing things happen, but I never seem to grasp that God is saying "see don't doubt me".
The challenge for me is to believe. Such a simple concept, but yet I don't know if I ever truly do.

Do I always believe that God will take care of me? Do I always believe that he will provide financially when we don't see where the end is? Do I always believe he will come through for me in a hard situation? Do you????

I wish I could say I ALWAYS do....but I guess the times that I do believe....well it's just pure sweetness.

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Michelle said...

I must say God is good all the time