Monday, August 07, 2006

I find freedom....

This seems to be the place where I can lay my thoughts down. Not a million people read I can be more free I guess.

I find freedom in doing this. I should do it more. I find myself more and more putting on a "happy" face. It's not that I am NOT happy because truly I am. I have a great life! I have had people tell me that multiple times and wonder why I am "complaining". There is something though about being real with one another. So that's what I want to do. I hate putting on a mask. Life IS hard sometimes. There, I said it!! Finally.

I just want to be real. I found this wonderful song by "Bethany Dillon". It hit me hard. It's called "Beautiful".I relate so much to those words. The whole song really. It's not just a "physical" thing. It's all of me. I want all of me to beautiful. More than the outside, I want the inside to be beautiful.

"Someone hear my cry, I'm dieing for new life. I want to be beautiful. Make you stand in awe. Look inside my heart and be amazed. I want to hear you say, who I am is quite enough. I just want to be worthy of love. Beautiful."

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Ifoundbobbyfisher said...

You are that. In every way, to every degree... you are a Bethany Dillon song. It's like she wrote it for you.