Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hold on, Goldie!

My van has been inoperable this week. Some sort of gas leak ....or something...

I guess that's a bad thing.

So, we've been down to one car again. Not happy, Bob.  However, it's been kind of fun. I have been having to drive Jason everywhere and then pick him up from the church. We did that for years and it made for great talks to and from work. We would talk about ministry, life, the kids, his day, my day and seemed to always stop at Sonic. It was kind of nice this week to have those old memories back.  The kids were pretty tight in the back seat, but they made me laugh a lot and we've had some great dance parties.  I guess there isn't much else to do in a little Ford Focus. ;-)

Goldie went in to the shop today. Crossing our fingers that she is under (what we think is) a recall. Thank goodness we don't have any car payments though!  It'll be nice to have it back with plenty of space, but I'll admit I may miss us all being stuffed into that Focus.  Just this morning I had to turn around, stop and pick up toys that Madi threw out the window. Who wouldn't miss that?!

Hold on a little longer, Goldie!

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