Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Last week our worship team invited both of our other campuses out to have a night of worship. We just wanted to spend time in the Lord's presence. I was very moved by what the Lord was saying to us, but even more humbled to just be in His presence.

Worshiping with music is my passion. It's what I do.  Sitting around outside with good friends and singing is something I would do every night.   I love summer nights for this kind of thing.

I believe the Lord is moving in our worship at River City. I believe He is speaking to people and challenging them to go deeper.  I feel more free in my worship on Sunday's.  I see it in our team and in our congregation. Our Thursday night rehearsals are often times of worship while we rehearse for Sunday. What we thought was practice turns into a time of giving thanks and seeking His face.


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