Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's been a long time.

Haven't blogged in a long time. Every time I took my computer out to do so, I just couldn't figure out how to put words down because my mind is so filled with details from every area of my life. 

I figured I'd at least give an update. 

Since February we have been....

  • Dealing with the move to our new Central Campus at the old Verizon Wireless Amphitheater here in San Antonio. The move is outrageously unreal, humbling and showing me that we have a huge responsibility ahead of us. It is exciting and amazing. It is God.  Our last Sunday at our old building is this Sunday.  That is rather bittersweet for me.  I met Jason at River City, learned to be a worship leader, dedicated all 3 of my babies there and made many memories that I will never forget.  Excited to celebrate what he has done and what he will do! 
  • I've also been thinking a lot about....things.  I feel like I have had a lot of ups and downs lately. I am finding that God is faithful to provide. Always.  He is teaching me everyday to trust in Him no matter what. 
No matter what. 

That is extremely hard for me and even that is an understatement. I have a REALLY hard time not needing to know what is ahead or what may come, but everything that seems to come across my path just keeps pointing to the truth that Jesus is big enough and HE is control.  

  • We celebrated our 8th anniversary last week. God is good. We went to Fredricksburg for 2 nights.  We ate great food, laid by the river, watched movies, shopped, read books and talked. I am so thankful for my husband and that God put us together! 
  • Jackson lost his first tooth.  After he lost it he asked us if the tooth fairy was fake. We promised to never lie about those things when we had kids, so we told him the truth. I must admit though that I was little sad to not "play that up"! 
  • Reagan has been growing up so much. She is such a character and so, so, so smart. She is really into wanting to talk about weddings and what her wedding will be like. She loves looking at our wedding pictures and talking about what she will wear. She also thinks that Jason should marry her. I love that so much. 
  • Madi is....1. Ha. She is our sweet baby doll, but she is also into being very loud. She is extremely independent and loves to do it all by herself.  She is still such a joy. 
So, that's what's going on. So much more, but not enough room to post. :) I'll try to do better. 

I will also tell you that I am really behind on laundry like every second of my life, my roots are showing and I need a pedicure. 

But, what else is new? ;-)  

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Anonymous said...

I just have to say that we don't do Santa, Easter Bunny, or tooth fairy. It's all good. :) Lucy lost her 5th or 6th tooth this week and she told me the next morning, "Mommy, I lost the tooth somewhere in my bed. Can you put a penny under my pillow tonight?"

So sweet. She only wanted a penny. And she knows it's us who do the coins. :)