Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I used to hate Valentine's Day.  I remember thinking in high school how lame it was except for the one year when I got roses. It wasn't lame that year, but every other year, it was lame. ;-)

This year was a little different. I don't have pictures to tell the story or a poem to show you, but I will be forever grateful of what I learned this Valentine's Day.

Our Valentine's Day looked a little like this:

Breakfast with my 3 little valentine's. Chocolate sweets from their daddy and I. Kisses, hugs and lots of "I love you's".  A Valentine's Day party at Jackson's school with Jason.  Lunch with Jason.  I broke out my great-grandma's pink table cloth and we dined on a delicious dinner courtesy of  Macaroni Grill (and a gift card).  Jason and I ended the night with a 2 hour episode of Downton Abby.  It was an easy day. Simple. Lovely.....Perfection.

And the greatest thing about it? 
February 14th was no different than February 13th....or July 1st. 

It may not look like parties or take-out every night, and it certainly doesn't mean we live a life in fantasy land, but what is the same As I looked around our table I was filled with joy that we get to do this every day.  I was humbled and grateful that God has blessed us with 3 amazing, beautiful and precious children. I was truly grateful for the man who sat across from me (even when he can drive me bananas ;-) ) and that he NEVER fails to tell me how much he loves me. I was overwhelmed with the fact that THIS was my reality.

Not a perfect reality, but who wants that? It's our reality. It was with a grateful and happy heart that I accepted that reality.

-Valentine's Day 2012. 

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