Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday Song

I wanted to start this up again. I love music. I can't deny that it speaks to me more than most things. And usually I gravitate to songs that describe where I am at in life.

This song is pretty key for me right now.

Life. I'm learning a lot about you.

Learning to trust.
To pray more.
To be intentional.
To love more.
Forgive more.
Learning to Wait.
Have patience.
To laugh more.
Learning to share.
Fear less.
Care less.
Just go for it.
Let Go.
Eat less.
Exercise more.
Drink water.
Wear sunscreen.
Learning to choose my battles.
Turn my phone off.
Talk less.
Slow down.
Choose wisely.
Be aware.
Say no.
Say yes.
Wear dresses.
Eat more fiber.
Learning the Word.
To be stretched.
To take it all in.
To breathe.
To walk.
To live.

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